We are proud to be represented by some of the most passionate traildog enthusiasts spanning the globe, even as far as New Zealand! That’s pretty impressive for a little brand from Scotland! Whats even cooler is these guys were some of Bark + Rides very first customers!

Whether they are mountain bikers, adventure seekers or cani-crossers, above all, they are all passionate about their dogs and that’s what important to us, not the number of followers they have.

With your help, we’re set to change that and make these guys our “traildog gurus”, they want to engage with you, educate and share their recommendations to you, because our mantra here at Bark + Ride is that we believe Traildogs are for Life.

They are not disposable or replaceable like the rest of your adventure gear, and are really hard to fix once their broken. They are with you for life and a long one too if you maintain and enrich them with the tools that make you, our valued customer the best traildog owners.

If we can share our passion with you, we can spread that knowledge and passion worldwide.

Check out our amazing team of Ambassadors and Ambassadogs that we are so lucky to have with us, as we grow to be your nations favorite traildog brand”