Ambassadors Agata Lafeera Roger & Masi

We are Agata, Laferra aka La Ferrari and the boys Roger aka Rogerico and Masi aka Maserati.

We are more known as DogExploreEurope. We love to go around Europe to do international canicross races, but in free time we also do bikejor and dog scooter, which keeps us all fit as well.

Laferra already bagged herself 2x World Championship races and European Championship.

Europe is so vast and beautiful for nice soft trails

Poland, recued from Greece, Edinburgh and born in Holland, we are a multi-national family now living in beautiful Italy, near the Dolomites.

It is so tough to to pick our favourite places to run, as Europe is so vast and beautiful for nice soft trails, we keep a few secrets for ourselves.

We love using our favourite Trail Collars from Bark and Ride as they are super comfy, easy to clean and makes the four-paws look pretty.