Ambassadors Fabien + Snow

Hi everybody, I’m Fabien, a french mountain biker living in the Maritim alps. I ride bicycles since I was young, a lot of freeride as it’s called in the beginning of the 2000’s, and preogressed into enduro and trail riding for the last few years.

I work in an outdoor sports shop, as a bicycle manager. So I got the chance to work in what I love.

My bud is Snow. He is a young border collie, and suffers since he was born a sensory deprivation syndrome, and we work on it (with a lot of positive education) since I took him at the age of two months. This made our bond extremely strong, he teaches me so many things too.

With all the energy he has, riding the trails is something which helps him be more calm, happy and grateful.

The very first time we went for a bicycle ride, he directly knew what he had to do, follow the bike as fast as possible, and then, go ahead when the trail is known. We do together a lot of agility, and hiking too.

And we know each other that we have more and more experiences to live together.

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