Ambassadors Gemma + Roxy


We don’t know much about Roxy’s past. Roxy was 4 months old when she came to us. She’d had no training or socialization at all. She was like a child that had constantly eaten too much sugar.

After navigating the ‘Puppy Blues’ we quickly established that the more we trained her, and the more we gave her to do, the calmer she became. She’d do anything for a squeaky tennis ball, so these became our most valuable training tool! Soon she was living up to her name (yes, ‘that’ watersports brand!) and was happiest running along the beach or sitting on the front of a paddleboard.

Day-to-Day Roxy earns her keep by spending all day running around Brink Bike Shop. Making sure all staff and customers give her as many cuddles as possible, and cleaning up any dropped food in the kitchen. Her favourite place to sleep is the director’s office chair!

On the weekends, she lives for sport. Whether that’s long country walks, Watersports, Flyball, or running with the bikes.

Now 14 months old, Roxy has just started Flyball training as a bit of fun. Although her high energy, and willingness to work, mean she’s already progressing faster than expected! Blink, and you’ll miss her.

Roxy is the furbaby of myself, I’ve been working in the Cycle industry for 10 years now, and my partner Micky, a bike mechanic, who grew up racing bikes nationally, and internationally. Our world now revolves around Roxy, and we’ll rarely do anything that doesn’t include taking the dog!

Roxy is now obedient enough, and old enough, to keep her focus on us when out, so she’s at the very beginning of her trail dog journey.

Despite being so small (Working Cocker Spaniel x Dachshund), Roxy’s favourite thing is any sport that involves running faster than her humans, and living up to her ‘pocket rocket’ nickname!

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