Jess, Kev + Brynn

My names Brynn and I’m a German Wirehaired Pointer ( just like Bark + Rides very own Trailhound Harris!) who absolutely loves getting out and about exploring with my owners Jess and Kev.

Jess and Kev moved to South Wales three years ago leaving the big smoke behind in search of countryside adventures with the overall goal of getting a pupper to train to be a trail dog.

They then bought a house and so it was finally time to make their dream a reality and they picked me!

Since then they have spent all their time teaching me to love adventures, be that on the bike trails or up a big hill (I’m named after the Welsh for hill (Bryn) by the way, with an added n on the end which may or may not have been mum’s bad spelling… It was but she liked it so stuck with it). I really love running fast chasing down their back tires, but I’m only young still young so dont go too far. That means we do spend a lot more time with them on foot walking around the beautiful scenery that South Wales has to offer which is great fun!

When we are on the bike trails I hear them say things like steep, techy, off-piste, natural and oh s**t. Since getting me they’ve been trying to find quieter spots for training, rather than the busy trail centres. But actually this has been great for discovering hidden gems and makes our walkies scouting missions.

Oh and dad’s Scottish so we went on holiday up there recently to visit my grandparents and explore the Highlands, it was great! I loved running through the Heather and dipping my toes in the Lochs.

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