Ambassadors Josy & Coco

I live in the beautiful countryside of Odenwald in western Germany. In my daily job I look after young women and girls who for various reasons cannot live in their parents’ home. I run a full-time housing group where they learn how to become independent and responsible adults. This job is a great challenge, but often can also be very exhausting. To balance it out, I enjoy spending my free time with Coco in nature, on the bike and traveling in our campervan. In winter I like to do creative things.

This winter for example, I taught myself how to sew.
On a bike I’m not a professional, biking is just my biggest passion. However, my boyfriend is an avid amateur enduro racer, so in the last few years we have been attending various competitions in Germany, France and the Alps. This year, we want to do fewer races, instead we want to travel more, discover new things and take pictures.

On a bike I’m not a professional, biking is just my biggest passion

My dog, Coco, is a 4 year old Border Collie who lives with me since she is a puppy. It was important for me to take her education into my own hands, so that she becomes exactly what she is today, a great Traildog. I like her intelligence, kindness and self-confident demeanour. She is attentive on the trail and has all bikers around her in view. I have a high level of confidence that she takes good care of herself and does not jump in front of anyone in front of the bike.

I am often contacted by other bikers on Instagram, who want to get useful tips on traildog education. I happily share my knowledge and experience. I always underline, that a Traildog must be trained slowly, that the water supply is crucial when on the trails and that in a warm weather caution against overheating and overloading is required.

Follow our next adventure here  – @josefine.holitzka

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