Ambassadors Laura & Hattie

We are Hattie (German Shorthaired Pointer) and Laura (my hooman). We loves to snaffle, zoom and play. Mum says she is not so much a snaffler, that’s just me!

Mum and Dad love to mountain bike at our local trail centre, Cannock Chase, and at other bike parks.

This is all still new to me but I hear I am destined to become a trail dog, if that means lots of zoomies then I am in! I already loves running on Cannock Chase and meeting my doggie pals.

When I am not zooming and snaffling I can be found snoozing! Especially when Mum is working, I be good.

You see Mum is a Company Secretary and the job is busy with lots of governance and compliance work. I go to day care some days which is just the bestest! My best friends are an Italian greyhound, a Staffie and a Labrador.

Mum and Dad love to mountain bike at our local trail centre

We love the Bark and Ride brand and kit. For us Bark and Ride not only make awesome kit that is comfortable and durable in wicked colours, but they are UK based. Supporting our small companies with their brilliant customer service is so important. The first product my Mum got me was the trail towel. It is so versatile and snuggly.

Mum likes it too because it is nice and light and super quick to wash and dry. I also have the trail harness and bungee lead, both of which I love, Mum says I look so smart ☺️ It is hard to choose my favourite product from Bark and Ride as they are all so great. So much thought has gone into the designs and usability of the products. You truly need to try them so you can loves them too!

Mum is just finishing her Masters dissertation, and I am so proud of her. From October 2019 my trail (and maybe Cani-cross) training will be starting! Please do follow my progress from crazy pupper to super trail/adventure pupper over the next 12 months. If you see us out on the trails don’t be shy, come and say hi.

Happy shredding and zooming from Hattie & Laura x

Check out more of their adventures @hattie_the_trail_dog