Ambassadors Melissa & Clan Jenkson

Hey! We are Clan Jenkson. A family of 2 humans, 6 dogs and 2 horses living in Scotland!

My partner Callum is a Mechanic and I work as a Service Advisor. Our dogs are Mike (3yo Rottweiler), Woody (3yo Border Collie), Boo (5yo rescue German Shorthaired Pointer), Buzz (1yo Border Collie), Fluke (2yo rescue German Shorthaired Pointer) and Rudder (9 month German Shorthaired Pointer). Our horses are Flash (7yo Clydesdale) and Bolt (2yo Clydesdale).

We compete in sled dog sports, flyball, show jumping and dressage across the UK. We’ve been very fortunate to come away with many great achievements while visiting some beautiful places. We love an adventure and are never far from the trails.

Either with the dogs, horses or both! The dogs love coming along for hacks and the horses love racing the dogs through the fields. Our favourite trails are at Carron Valley Reservoir which is luckily right on our doorstep.

A family of 2 humans, 6 dogs and 2 horses living in Scotland!

Most days will consist of running, biking and/or walking the dogs before sorting the horses then off to work. As much as we’re incredibly active we do all love a good duvet day! Bark and Ride has so many great products and we love how they cater for all shapes and sizes so the whole clan is kitted out.

Our favourite product is their Lewis Adventure harness. It’s an essential piece of our daily kit and teams up effortlessly with their other products.