Hi, Scott and arlo (the potato) here. Arlo is a 3 year old Australian kelpie. We stay on the outskirts of Aberdeen city, which is perfect for all the forests and beaches close by, Arlos favourites.

Weekdays I’m a joiner/carpenter, Thursday evenings are spent getting the “adventure van” ready for our weekend, generally headed into the Cairngorms/highlands.

Converted a van over last winter and have spent every chance we can since getting out and about all over Scotland, would highly recommend to anyone thinking about it. If we’re not on the bike, we’re walking in the hills or around lochs.

Arlo being a working breed, from a working family background has incredible drive and endurance. Which makes her a great trail dog, she is a extremely fast learner but can also be extremely stubborn when she wants to be, if she doesn’t want to head down a certain trail, she’ll let you know! Communication and direction has definitely been key in her trail dog training (and a pouch full of treats).

I’m sure she’d spend all day out sniffing and exploring if she could.

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