pointer dog wearing dog bells

Just like you would at home, in a built-up area, or open countryside there are a few things to consider which will help you feel in control and give you more time to enjoy your time away when your dog is able to be off lead.

Firstly, having an obedient dog goes without saying, so honing in on those recall skills and finding what treats or toys your dog loves the most is key to bringing him or her back to you before you go away. Please consult a dog trainer for more information on this but there are a few. things you can do to ensure you are more in control of your dog by using some very helpful Bark + Ride gear.


Not only is it important to think about other trail users or potential wildlife in the area whilst your run, ride or hike on your next adventure, it’s just as important you can see and hear your dog when you are out and about.

It might be that it’s a brand new location to you, and you might not know what’s around the corner, whether it’s a deer or pheasant or a family with young kids, the last thing you would want is your dog to startle them or worse, take chase. Luckily, there’s a great way of letting animals as well as other trail users know your presence beforehand.

Our Bark + Ride Dog Bells are a humane and lightweight product that offers an audible bell for you and others in the area.

  • Notify other trail users of your whereabouts if you are behind them
  • Our Dog Bells are not too loud like bear bells and some cow bells on the market
  • Alert prey such as rabbit and deer to your whereabouts giving them a chance to leave the area before your dog sees them
  • Hear where your dog is in the vicinity without having to look behind you on your bike
  • Quickly find your dog when they go out of sight.

If you come up against some wildlife or another dog on a lead , or said family with young kids, you have the tools in your pocket to get them back quickly, to notify the others first and to make the decision as to whether it is safe to go on whether you put your dog on or off lead.

But most importantly, you gotta get those treats out to thank your dog for being awesome and coming back into range when you need it most.

So don’t delay, get your dog a set of dog bells that are humane, audible and lightweight for your next adventure!

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