It’s important to know what type of dog harness is best for a dog and with so many on the marketplace it’s crucial that you ensure your dog has the most comfortable and non- restrictive harness for your needs.

Whether you are a daily dog walker, enjoy taking your pooch to the park, or love nothing more than the great outdoors as often as possible whether thats by bike or foot, you could be straining your dogs muscles if you are using the wrong type of harness,

There are many different shapes of harnesses on the market, most important to note though is the Y-shape harness. Without a doubt this shape of harness is by far the safest and friendliest style which will aid you to have and happy dog as well as peace of mind in knowing your dog is benefiting from this style as opposed to being restricted like some of other harnesses which advertise ” no pull” which can be horrible for your dog to experience.

We find this article quite useful for our customers in understand why nopull harnesses are generally a bad idea and that the use of a Y-shaped harness is always better for your dogs body to avoid further damage to muscles and bones.
The below link is our newest Y shape harness with front D ring coming soon which is now available for preorder that has a D ring on the front as well as attachment points along the back, newly improved adjustment straps for tight and accurate secure fit and upgraded shape for no slack and safer trail use. 
From our personal experience with many different dogs, training your dog how to walk effectively on the lead by use of treats and toys over a long period of time is the best way to manage a problem.
We also have found using a figure of 8 rope lead to be very helpful which we sell currently available in purple and red ;
We also sell other training aids to help with dog training such as our best-selling training treats made with 80% UK quality meat.
210.5 whistles and dog bells as well!
As dog owners ourselves, we own a large German Wirehaired Pointer, Harris who is the strongest dog we have ever owned and this came with the challenge of knowing how to keep him from pulling us off our feet from a very young age. With a lot fo time and training we have now found our sweet spot by finding out what his all-time favourite thing might be to encourage him to stay with us as opposed to let him pull away.
We soon found his absolutely favourite thing of all time, over food was his trusted tennis ball, and he knows if I take that with me in my pocket it means he’s going to get to have a great game with it. The smell alone I think makes him walk to heel like a dressage pony and we keep encouraging him like this.
The combination of our own Lewis Adventure Harness and sometimes our figure of 8 lead  over his dogs nose,we quickly saw a huge difference in how he walked with us, and quickly began to reward the difference in walking to heel, encouraging him to walk to heel with treat or toy reward.
If you require any further assistance with finding out more information about our Y-shaped Adventure harness with pull handle and D ring on front and back we would be more than happy to help with some more advice on our products and of the training advice we have learned over the years.
Heres little Milo, our local little pooch, he might not be a trail dog but he loves exploring our local woods and has been the perfect model Lhasa Apso for our newest X-Small size! 

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