Why should your dog wear a collar and a harness?

In this month’s article, we discuss why your dog should wear a collar as well as a harness whether you’re adventuring, holidaying or just on your everday walkies.

There are a huge number of reasons why your dog should always wear a collar when out and about which we are sure our followers may already know about but it’s important to reiterate for our new dog owners too!

Firstly safety, security and the law. Yup it’s boring but when it comes to your dogs safety in the UK it is a legal requirement that your dog should wear a collar with an ID tag in public . Most campsites around the UK now stipulate that an ID tag must be worn on-site at all times to identify the dog if he or she was to wander off. The Camping and Caravanning Club have a comprehensive list of must-haves when taking your dog away on holiday in your car or van here


With a terrible influx of dog theft, it’s always good to mention some less appealing feats of your dog on your dog’s ID tag. So it’s important you buy a robust, well fitting, good-quality dog collar that has a sturdy ID tag holder so your dog ID tag is safe. If your dog is spayed or neutered it is worth mentioning on the tag to deter criminals who steal dogs to breed from. Never mention the dog’s name on the ID tag and only a number and address.

The Trail Collar

The  Bark + Ride Trail Collar


Collars on their own however do not always offer the safest option when it comes to dogs that tend to pull. It is important to remember a dog’s physiology and the immense strain that can cause a lot of pain if you allow your dog to pull on the lead from a collar. Ideally, your dog shouldn’t be pulling at all. This is why with proper training and a good quality harness, the combination of both a collar and a harness are a much better solution to a safe and secure option that also has the dog’s comfort and physiology in mind.

This is also extremely important when travelling with your dog. A harness should always be used when using a Dog Car Seat Belt like this

Not only is it much easier to hold onto a dog for quick control with a good quality harness, it will also provide protection from scuffs and bumps when off lead and adventuring across rockier areas, crags or when the dog is running at speed.

A harness that has a good quality D ring on the front, as well as a good quality attachment point on the back, is ideal for training to walk to heel from any age.  We will be launching our newest harness very soon, make sure you check out more detail on how to preorder yours here!


Harris wearing a collar and harness combo

Lewis getting the first look at our New  Harness for 22/23 Lewis wears Medium

Milo fitting our XS Harness in testing.



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