Ambassadors Ian & SkyeDoggy-Daddy Ian is a Weapons Technician in the RAF who races Enduro MTB for the RAF Team, racing all over the UK at National level.

Skye loves to play on the beach and run in and out of the sea chasing seagulls!

She is amazing off the lead and never gets into any trouble, she does love to run across the beach to meet new people and dogs though!!

Out on the trails Skye never puts a foot wrong and will stay on my back wheel at all speeds. I race Enduro’s at National Level and some of the speeds that she has followed me at are unbelievable! We once rode waterworld I’m Innerleithen, the upper section is steep and technical, and the bottom is so fast, and she kept up the entire way!

Our usual day would consist of an early morning beach walk

Our usual day would consist of an early morning beach walk, then a quick 10 minutes at lunch time. Then it’s either a ride in the evening or another beach or park walk. We are really looking forward to getting back to the normal schedule!

Unfortunately at the moment we are both injured, she ruptured her Cruciate Ligament in her back left leg. She is recovering from the operation to fix it at the moment, meanwhile I am undergoing physio therapy for a dislocated shoulder I got whilst racing 🤕

We are both really excited to get back up to speed again and back out on the trails and off the lead, having said that we both really like the BarkandRide sports Collar and Lead, the grey one particularly suits Skye’s fawn colour!

Take care, see you on the trails


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